Province of Ontario Yours to Discover, The Heartland Province

Counties and Places information in Ontario
County Number 52
Postal abbr. ON
Capital Toronto
Nickname Yours to Discover, The Heartland Province

Main Places in Ontario

Name County Postal Code
Parham 3510 K0H
Osgoode 3506 K0A
Ariss 3523 N0B
Cannington 3518 L0E
Lakefield 3515 K0L
Muirkirk 3536 N0L
Dashwood 3540 N0M
Emsdale 3549 P0A
Foxboro 3512 K0K
Wellandport 3526 L0R

Ontario Census divisions/Counties

Name State
Peterborough Ontario
Hastings Ontario
Frontenac Ontario
Cochrane Ontario
Renfrew Ontario
Timiskaming Ontario
Middlesex Ontario
Stormont, Dundas and Glengarry Ontario
Bruce Ontario
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